How Cupping Therapy Affects Your Health

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What is Cupping Therapy?


Cupping Therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine and is very popular with celebrities such as Michael Phelps, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and many more. The reason this form of Chinese medicine is so popular is because of its many health benefits. The use of alternative medicine is becoming increasing popular in order to deal with a wide range of health problems. Our goal at Move Well MD is to refrain from narcotics that suppress the problem and use alternative treatment including cupping therapy in order to fix the problem.


History of cupping:

Cupping therapy has been around for thousands of years in fact the earliest record of cupping is in the Bo Shu (an ancient book written on silk). This book was discovered in the tomb of the Han Dynasty. While actual cups that we use today weren’t around back then, they used cattle horns or cross sections of bamboo to create negative pressure inside the horn or bamboo. These “ancient cups” were boiled in water or were ignited with fire to create a suction. Today the cups are usually made of glass, copper, hot stones, silicon, or plastic.


The way in which it works is the cupping therapist will apply massage oil(s) to the skin prior to the cups being placed which helps the cups to glide easily over the surface of the skin. The cups are then heated using a “fire cupping” technique and are applied along the meridians of the body, the suction is a way of stimulating the flow of energy. With air cupping, an alternative to fire cupping, a handheld suction pump is used to remove air from the cup, creating the vacuum without heat. Below are some of the more popular uses of treatment with Cupping Therapy.


Cupping Therapy benefits:


You should also always ask your cupping therapist beforehand any questions you may have. More than likely your cupping therapist will have a series of questions to ask you as well. Below are some of the side effects that could possibly occur.


Side Effects of cupping:


As long as you’re under the care of a licensed practitioner this procedure is safe. Call Move Well MD today to schedule your appointment.  



Our talented team of practitioners offer:


Nerve blocks for treatment of migraines/headaches

Ultrasound guided trigger point injections

Physical medicine

Regenerative medicine

Physical rehabilitation

Chiropractic care

Massage therapy

Digital range of motion testing

Digital X-rays

Joint injections

Posture analysis

Cupping therapy


Needless acupuncture


People come from all over New York because Move Well MD implements a strategy to get them moving again.


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