• Making Self-Care Simple

    by Melanie Rivera
    on Oct 16th, 2018

In this week’s blog we will be discussing:


Making self-care simple


Ever plan to make time for yourself and there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Making the time for yourself is important to your health, mind and body. The smallest changes to your daily routine will make an impact. Every day make sure to schedule in some YOU time. If you schedule in time for yourself every day even if it is just 15 minutes at lunch or at night after a long day at the office you’re more likely to actually do it.  Here are a few tips to get you started.


`Emotional Self- Care:


Paying attention to your emotional well being is necessary. Many of us forget to make it a priority. We all tend to put ourselves on the back burner. We make work, school, etc. a priority above our needs. Move Well MD wants to remind you to make yourself a priority.


Physical Self-Care:


With a little bit of attention to yourself, change will happen. Putting your health first should be your number one priority. Balancing work, homelife, and social life is that much harder if you do not take care of yourself physically and emotionally first. 



Move Well MD helps you to schedule your appointments that work the best for you. Our hours are convenient, and you never wait in our office so you don’t have to miss out on anything. As New Yorkers ourselves we know every minute is precious.  So if you’ve been dealing with back pain and just putting up with it, today is that day to make the change necessary to your health.



Our talented team of practitioners offer:


Nerve blocks for treatment of migraines/headaches

Ultrasound guided trigger point injections

Physical medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Physical rehabilitation

Chiropractic Care

Massage therapy

Digital range of motion testing

Digital X-rays

Joint injections

Posture analysis



People come from all over New York because Move Well MD implements a strategy to get them moving again.


Our office is conveniently located in the downtown financial district of lower Manhattan, NY, NY 10038


150 Broadway (between Maiden Lane and Liberty Street), Suite 1213.


Make an appointment today by calling (212)769-3210.


Author Melanie Rivera

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