New Hope For Patients Who Suffer From ED (Erectile dysfunction)

In this week’s blog our guest blogger Dr. Elias Tzanides, MD will be discussing:


Regenerative Medicine for ED (Erectile dysfunction)


Approximately 11% of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their life.  This is an illness which devastates lives, families, and marriages.  The problem with prostate cancer is that it varies from person-to-person.  One publication stated that if an autopsy were to be done on a 100-year-old man who had no serious medical problems, you would probably find prostate cancer.  You would, but it would probably be a very mild case and not very aggressive.  On the other hand, people have died in their 40s from prostate cancer which was very aggressive.  This is a disease characterized by many as being one in which the cure is as bad as the disease. 


People with advanced (non-operable) disease are given radiation which causes many side effects and both urinary dysfunction and sexual dysfunction.  Those who have hope of a cure are usually offered a prostatectomy (removal of the prostate surgically) which is accomplished using what is best described as a robotic microscope, with the surgeon controlling it.  This type of robotic prostatectomy has led to some very impressive cure rates, but about 50% of men who have a robotic prostatectomy will have erectile dysfunction.  Not all of these patients will respond to the medicines available on the market that treat erectile dysfunction. 


Diabetics can also suffer from erectile dysfunction when their disease becomes more advanced as well.  Like prostate cancer survivors, they share some component of dysfunction in both blood vessels and nerves.  Up to this point, these patients who suffer with erectile dysfunction had few alternatives.  Fortunately, regenerative medicine has been found to offer hope for these conditions.  Although there has been a fairly limited amount of clinical evidence showing that this can help many patients regain their sexual function, various practitioners around the country have used regenerative therapy with encouraging results.  At Move Well MD, we proudly offer regenerative therapy which can be of benefit in both erectile dysfunction from both prostate cancer surgery and advanced diabetes/diabetic neuropathy as well as Peyronie’s disease (abnormal curvature of the penis from scar tissue) which can also develop in prostate cancer survivors.


Our talented team of practitioners offer:


Regenerative Medicine

Digital range of motion testing

Digital X-rays

Physical rehabilitation

Physical medicine

Massage therapy

Chiropractic Care

Joint injections

Nerve blocks for treatment of migraines/headaches

Ultrasound guided trigger point injections

Posture analysis Acupuncture


People come from all over New York because Move Well MD implements a strategy to get them moving again.


Our office is conveniently located in the downtown financial district of lower Manhattan, NY, NY 10038 and is a short train ride from Jersey City, NJ and Hoboken, NJ


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