What is PRP (Part 2)

 We now know that all forms of regenerate therapy act on the body’s own stem cells, which, in adulthood, remain in a semi-dormant state, waiting for injury to happen.  That’s because you’re not growing at the rate you were growing when you were a fetus, and infant, or even a toddler.  As we get older though, the number of stem cells decreases dramatically.  At birth, into the first year of life, the bone marrow of a baby has about one stem cell per 1 million bone marrow cells.  By about 18 years of age, that number drops to about 1 in 10,000.  And so on.  The number of stem cells in a person’s body is negatively influenced by a number of factors.  Namely, cancer, chronic inflammation, toxins and poisons, chemotherapy, any form of blood disease, but most definitely age. 

Regenerative therapy is not magic, nor is it a panacea.  In order for this to work, you have to have your body’s own stem cells in relatively good shape.  He also have to be relatively young, and whatever damage in the body, it cannot be end-stage, severely scarred or disfigured.  If the joint has degenerated to the point where it’s bone-on-bone, even the most effective forms of exosome therapy is iffy, if not out of the question. Rotator cuff muscles with tears up to 30% can be healed but clearly full-thickness tears of any tendon, muscle, or connective tissue are obviously in need of his surgeon.  Furthermore, serious anatomic defects or deformities cannot be healed or repaired by regenerative medicine.  If a person’s knee has degenerated to the point where the knee is severely crooked or there is some sort of severe deformity in the body, there is no magical cure that will make the knee go straight again. 

I personally think it’s downright miraculous that we can inject any regenerative therapy into a knee, and see improvement despite the fact that the patient is walking on the knee and is active in the first place.  Keep in mind that the lower you go in the body, specifically when dealing with hips, knees, and ankles, the more the weight that has to be supported. 

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